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My blog has been my constant companion throughout the past four years of performer's life and it is my favorite way to keep in touch with my audience around the globe. I hope you enjoy reading! 




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Posted 8/16/2019








Hi everybody! Today I like to check in with one of my favorite videos (vlogs) I made: THIS sunrise magic! You have to watch it to understand... :-) Once in a while I like to grab one of my many external hard drives and go through old material... it is so much fun what you discover, funny files, old very "amateur" looking files, almost forgotten material...lots of laughter guaranteed hehe.

This one here is still in my YouTube playlist and wow, I got goosebumps again watching it now after a while...

Next to the sunrise at the beach I talk a bit about my way so far and how I think.

I absolutely believe that the small things and moments in life are the ones that make us happiest. I am happy that I got to enjoy this beach scenario and hope for many more sunrises to come in the future!

With this video I wish you all a happy weekend! Kisses <3


P.S. I was recently thinking about doing more on YouTube - it is so much fun to vlog even if it is quiet work intense. But these are memories for life, right?  So stay tuned for more vlogs to come soon. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and won't miss new uploads! <3




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Posted 8/13/2019



Welcome to my passion: Music!Welcome to my passion: Music!






Hi everybody! Here I am, still trying to find the “right” blogging schedule again. Two years ago daily blogging was no doubt the best way to connect with each other but today I think all our social media routines have changed a bit – more Insta stories, more videos, less blogs? I am very (!) happy that you all follow my posts here, so many of you every time again,  but if I would go daily again it would maybe bother you? Please tell me what you think on my facebook or Instagram or HERE! Right now I think two or three new posts a week are best and today I want to share a bit more about music with you.

Are you music lovers? To me, music has been my constant companion all life long. I could not imagine a day without music, listening or making it, and I am still fascinated that the “horizon” of songs, music styles, new influences, old rarities and all you find when you dig into music are truly endless! No matter how much you are into music you will always discover something new… and as you already know, I like to discover new things ;-). The song “Vivo per lei”, originally performed by Andrea Bocelli and Hélène Segara (or Judy Weiss in the German version) is reflecting this 100%. I fell in love with it when I first listened some day in the mid 90s and my only wish was back then to be able to sing it one day… last year I finally recorded it. Hope you like my version :-)

Talk to you again before the weekend, have a nice week so far!


P. S. You find all my music on YouTube HERE! Just subscribe to my YT channel! <3 






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Posted 8/9/2019







A freedom seeker like me in a hippie-style stage dress - guess when do I wear it?A freedom seeker like me in a hippie-style stage dress - guess when do I wear it?

... for a medley from the Mamma Mia! movie :-) It was made customized last year as the 2cd part of the movie had its premiere.... for a medley from the Mamma Mia! movie :-) It was made customized last year as the 2cd part of the movie had its premiere.


Hi everybody! Freedom – it means the world to me! Many of you have been asking me why I decided to take the big step into artist’s life after I had had such a qualified good paid job before. The simple answer is: Freedom!

In my previous job in the “normal” business world – although I had my own business with it too – it was all about compromises for me, from morning until night, hiding who I am and I remember myself thinking in the morning before going to work: Hide your long hair, dress more androgynous, just try to fit in to people’s expectations… no, that was really not nice at all and I am glad I quit this life of compromises after 1,5 years... 

I mean: We are who we are – and I am happy I can be who I am 100% today again. Working as an artist allows you to have that personal freedom.

Some also ask me about how difficult it all was in the beginning. And I can tell you: Yes, it was really, really difficult! You have to find your place, your business, your audience on- and offline, and all this takes time and lots of dedication! You give 150% of you, seven days a week, almost 24/7, but in return you live a life of freedom. So me, this is so worth it!  I thought that today the photos from autumn last year with the hippie – Mamma Mia! – stage costume would match good to a topic of “freedom”, what do you think? Are you also freedom-seekers, on professional or personal level or both? 


For those of you who like to know more about my “crazy” story I recommend my first book/e-book “I, Merita” where I wrote down the story in all its details from day 1 until I had success. You can read it as pdf-file if you purchase it in my merch shop (just click on the ad below!) or as Kindle-version if you buy it at amazon. Those who already read it liked it a lot and were quiet surprised about some details that they did not expect at all.


The documentary here (first video on top) was filmed last year about my career path. I was a bit shy/nervous during filming since it was the first documentary being filmed, so I think I appear a bit calmer/more serious than I am usually ;-). But I hope it can give you some extra inspo on that topic of achieving personal freedom in life!

And if you like to see the Mamma Mia!-outfit in action, I have a second video today for you! (watch it below, hehe)


I wish you all a happy weekend!





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